People experiencing homelessness in Newark

New York

Free coats and warm weather clothing for people experiencing homelessness in Newark.

On Thursday November 14th, Sheltersuit Foundation will partner with Bridges Outreach to distribute free all weather coats to people experiencing homelessness in Newark, NJ.

Sheltersuit is a non-profit organization that designed an innovative wind and waterproof coat that can be transformed into a sleeping bag, which provides warmth and immediate shelter for those in need. In partnership with Bridges Outreach, Sheltersuit plans to distribute free coats all winter.

Sheltersuit-30Photo Sheltersuit: Sheltersuits handed out to homeless people in New York.

Every human being deserves warmth, protection and dignity. It’s as simple as that. Yet, in the United States on a single night during 2018, 182,000 people were forced to sleep outside and left vulnerable to the harsh elements. As of the last Point In Time Count, there were 1,927 people in Newark experiencing homelessness - 286 of whom were unsheltered.

Our ultimate mission is to end homelessness, but we also understand this will not happen overnight. So we want to offer our solution to protect our most vulnerable right now.

What is Sheltersuit?

With great success in creating positive impact in Europe, helping both homeless and displaced migrants, Sheltersuit is focused on spreading our mission of giving warmth, protection and dignity to those experiencing homelessness in America. With our first focus being Newark, NJ with Bridges.

We want to end homelessness worldwide, by connecting homeless individuals with the right people and services. The Sheltersuit acts as a first step, to build a strong connection and a trusting relationship. Sheltersuits are made in New York state providing jobs and opportunities for growth, to communities that were formerly homeless or at risk. The materials used in creating the coats and suits are sources from scraps and deadstock fabric from other factories.

Who is Bridges Outreach?

Founded in 1988, Bridges connects with people experiencing homelessness in New York, Newark, Irvington, and Summit each week through outreach “Runs”. Over more than 30 years, and with the help of tens of thousands of volunteers, we’ve met many thousands of homeless individuals and delivered more than 100,000 meals and literally tons of clothing, directly to the streets where far too many of our neighbors are sleeping.

In 2014, Bridges opened Project Connect in Newark to offer case management services aimed at connecting people further with official documents, IDs, primary healthcare, employment opportunities, shelter, housing and more. In the five years since, we have helped find permanent housing for more than 130 people who were previously homeless.

We also take a systems change approach to our work and aim to help reimagine the system designed to help ensure that when people fall through the cracks, that their fall is relatively short and their landing relatively soft. We aim to make our 200+ Street Outreach Runs each year unnecessary. After all, the solution to homelessness is a home.

Partnering with Bridges means that Sheltersuit will have the capacity and ability to distribute coats and full suits to hundreds of people weekly. Creating the opportunity to protect and connect to those who are on the street this winter and beyond. Until everyone has a place to call home.

How you can help

Our ambition is to give 2,000 people warmth & protection this winter. Every bit counts, so please donate what you can to help us achieve this goal!
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