Refugees, homeless and volunteers come together

The Sheltersuit Workshop inspires and activates

Refugees, homeless and volunteers come together. Not just to produce the Sheltersuit. Lots of other products are also made with a passion.

Different backgrounds in the Sheltersuit Workshop

The creation of the Sheltersuit formed the basis for people who come together in an environment where creativity, inspiration, motivation and new opportunities find fertile ground. At Sheltersuit people from different backgrounds have one thing in common: they want to learn and develop. Their personal development is the main focus of attention, whereas making the Sheltersuit works as a motivator.


Personal growth and support as the main focus of attention

The Sheltersuit Workshop aims to inspire, activate and connect people. To realise this, there is room for learning and growth where participants can learn and grow on a personal level but also in a professional way. The opportunities that are being created offer the people who work for Sheltersuit a chance to further develop their creativity and skills.

Newcomers and Dutch nationals together

In the workshop people from many different backgrounds work together. The majority consists of newcomers from Syria and Eritrea. Many of these people have a long experience in the textile business. That advantage can be put to use when working with other people within the Sheltersuit Workshop. The newcomers get extra support with their integration exam. We actively teach them about Dutch standards and values on the shop floor and they also get extra help to learn the Dutch language.

“Newcomers get extra support with their integration exam. We actively teach them about Dutch standards and values”

In addition to the newcomers, there are also Dutch nationals who work in our sheltered employment programmes. Often these people need to have a job to help increase their self worth and to improve their employability. From experience we know that the low threshold on the shop floor and the varied
composition of the workforce promotes a healthy development during the integration and reintegration process in our society.

Made with pleasure and passion

The wide network of Sheltersuit enables us to make use of many waste materials from the textile industry. In addition to the Sheltersuit we produce various other articles. Because we give people a chance to develop their own creativity, new products are made with a lot of pleasure and passion.

Collaborating with the Sheltersuit Workshop

The Sheltersuit Workshop wants to unite with businesses that show their support for people. Companies that want to help inspire, activate and unite people and eventually help them find a suitable job (again).

Youp Meek
Youp Meek